Our partner CrewBus offers flight crews various transportation services, such as:

  • Transfer to/from hotels
  • Transfer of shift crews to/from other Moscow airports
  • Delivery of onboard catering from Moscow restaurants to the aircraft
  • Shuttle to/from the city in business, VIP, and premium class vehicles, including long-term car rental with a driver
  • Transportation of luggage of various volumes (including on trucks) and services of loaders

CrewBus fleet consists of modern vehicles in excellent condition, and fully-equipped in accordance with current legislation and the requirements for passenger transportation.

Vehicle capacity:

  • 2-3 passengers – sedan premium or business class
  • 6-7 passengers – minivan
  • 16-18 passengers – minibus
  • 40 passengers – bus

Vehicle fleet of the company:

  • Volkswagen Passat, Caravelle, Multivan, Transporter
  • Mercedes Benz E-Class, Vito, V-Class, Sprinter, S-Class, Maybach

CrewBus team consists of highly professional, experienced, and prudent drivers of the highest caliber who will select the optimal route and ensure a safe and comfortable ride.

The safety and health of our passengers is ensured!

If you are interested in this service and need more information on the terms and conditions, please contact our Commercial Department:
Tel.: +7 (495) 436-69-99

To order this service, please send a request to OPS 24/7:
Tel.: +7 (495) 436-44-11