According to the Federal Aviation Regulations “General Rules of Air transportation of passengers, baggage, cargo and requirements for passenger handling” please be informed of the following points:

Point 80. Passengers should arrive at the airport beforehand for passing all established procedures for checking-in and baggage handling, screening, and other requirements regarding immigration, customs, and other control upon request according to Russian legislation.

Point 83. For international flights, all passengers should have travel documents and/or any other documents required according to the laws of the country which is the point of passengers destinations.

Point 102. Minor citizens of the Russian Federation, as a rule, may depart the Russian Federation accompanied by at least one of their parents, adoptive parents, or guardians. If a minor citizen of the Russian Federation is departing from the Russian Federation without proper accompaniment, he/she must have the notarized consent of these persons, in addition to a valid passport, with the term of origin and the State (s) which is (are) he intends to visit.

Point 108. It is the passengers responsibility to determine the possibility of transportation by air, based on the state of his/her health.

Point 128. Each piece of checked baggage must be properly packed to ensure its safety during shipping and handling and eliminate the possibility of injury to passengers, crew, and any third party damage to the aircraft, other baggage, or other passengers or property. Baggage that does not meet the requirements of this paragraph shall not be allowed to be transported.

Point 131. The weight of each piece of checked baggage must not exceed fifty kilos.

Point 140. Items that may cause harm to the aircraft, persons, or property onboard the aircraft, animals and birds (except for pets (birds), insects, fish stocks, reptiles, rodents, guinea and sick animals, and objects and substances which air transportation as baggage is prohibited by the laws of the Russian Federation, international treaties of the Russian Federation, and laws of the country of departure and arrival.

Point 143. Pets (birds) may be carried on in the cabin of an aircraft with the consent of the carrier. During the carriage of pet birds, the passenger must present the necessary documents, as stipulated by the laws of the Russian Federation, international treaties, and the laws of the country of departure or arrival.

Restrictions and contraindications for carriage by air

At first-aid post located on the ground floor of the International terminal you can always count on providing round-the-clock medical care.

Due to the physical stresses and atmospheric pressure changes associated with air travel, it is strongly recommended that individuals in the following categories avoid all non-essential air travel, or should travel only with accompanying medical personnel:

  • Newborn infants (up to 7 days)
  • Pregnant women in late pregnancy
  • People who have suffered a heart attack, stroke (if the attack occurred less than 10 days before the flight), and those suffering from heart disease with painful attacks
  • People after surgery, which are associated with the introduction of air into a closed body cavity;
  • People with increased intracranial pressure
  • People during an exacerbation of mental illness
  • Suffering from decompression sickness or sickle cell anemia


You are kindly requested to coordinate, in advance, the possibility of a flight with your doctor and airline.

Any organization or person preparing a patient for transport by aircraft must provide them with the necessary accompanying medical personnel and medications.