Transport Safety

Transport security is the protection of transportation infrastructure and vehicles from acts of unlawful interference, where an act of interference is considered an illegal act or inaction, including a terrorist act, that threatens the safe operation of the transportation complex, resulting in harm to human life and safety, material damage or creates a threat of such consequences.

Ensuring transport security is one of the highest priority for the airport.

Departing passengers must undergo a pre-flight inspection just prior to boarding the aircraft.

There are separate regulations for the transport of weapons, ammunition and special means.

Please note, there may be possible restrictions in other countries.

Please note: If a person violates the requirements of transportation security, criminal or administrative liabilities may arise in accordance with the laws of the Russian Federation:

Extract of the Coap 11.15.1.

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Entrance control

Due to the fact that Vnukovo-3 airport is a part of the transportation infrastructure, it is necessary to comply with transportation zone security requirements, as established by the legislation of the Russian Federation.

At the entrances to the airport passenger terminals all passengers and visitors need to pass through entrance control. Passengers, their luggage, and any hand carried items will be screened. The inspection procedure is carried out by aviation security officers using special physical and technical means of inspection.

Pre-flight inspection

Departing passengers need to pass a pre-flight inspection prior to boarding the aircraft, regardless of their status and rank.

The preflight inspection of passengers and luggage, including the belongings of passengers, aircraft crew members, and civil aviation personnel, as well as onboard aircraft stock, freight, and mail is carried out in order to ensure aviation safety, protect the life and health of passengers, crew members, and civil aviation personnel, to prevent possible attempts to hijack aircraft and other acts of illegal interference in civil aviation activities by criminal elements, as well as the illegal transportation of weapons, ammunition, explosives, toxic, flammable, and other dangerous substances and goods as prohibited for air transportation under aviation security conditions.

Any passenger who refuses to pass through pre-flight inspection will not be allowed to fly.

In accordance with Order No. 104 of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation, pre-flight inspection is carried out by Vnukovo-3 aviation security officers, together with the Line Department of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia at Vnukovo airport.

Please be informed that passengers who have been detected of carrying or transporting any goods or substances – the storage, carriage, and/or manufacture of which is subject to criminal or administrative liability within the Russian Federation – will not be allowed to fly and will be handed over to personnel of the Line Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia at Vnukovo Airport to resolve the issue.